Rodent Control

Rats and mice are responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage to our homes. They are often there without homeowners even knowing about it. The only way to know for sure that you do NOT have a problem (so many people do) is to inspect the areas underneath your house and above. Traditionally the area above your home is called an attic and the space below is called a crawlspace. Rodents access these spaces in all kinds of crazy ways. Take a look or have an inspection regularly.

Insulation Removal/Install

What happens when rodents have damaged your home insulation? Typically it will require replacement. Rodents nest in insulation and leave it damaged, smelly and foul. There are different materials in attics and crawlspaces but if there has been significant damage or a long term infestation most materials will need to be replaced. Insulation, Vapor barrier, water pipe wrap, and duct insulation need to be looked at in the crawlspace. The attic has blown insulation, pony wall and vaulted insulation and that needs to be evaluated for clean-up and insulation as well.

Water and Mold

What else can you find in your crawlspace and attic? Water and mold. One thing we have an abundance of here in the Pacific Northwest is moisture. Humidity, excess groundwater, poor venting, missing/damaged vapor barrier....  all of these things come up and all of them can be fixed. Projects involving mold/microbial growth or installing new drainage systems for groundwater are often large projects and require more planning and budgeting.


Most insulation removal is due to pest or other forms of damage. However sometimes in the absence of damage it may still benefit your home to have the insulation evaluated. Older homes in particular often have very low levels of insulation and can benefit from an upgrade. With rising utility rates the best way to manage your heating and cooling costs long term is to make sure you have enough insulation in your attic, walls and floors.

The Rat Girl

Typically inspections for these types of issues are performed at no cost. It is quite common for a traditional home inspector (The kind that inspects your house during a real estate sale) to find damage and will then recommend that you have a licensed contractor come take a look.  Not all companies can address rodents, insulation, mold and groundwater but since it is so common to find these issues together it's beneficial if you work with a company that handles all of that. The health of our families is so important that you don't want to miss anything that may cause problems later. If you are in the Puget Sound Region I am happy to help. Feel free to contact me for assistance.

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